The Internet can give you almost anything you want, provided you ask for the right thing.

This blog, or whatever you call this slightly feeble collection of rants and ramblings, is an attempt to do something better with the powerful platform the Internet provides. In political discussion in particular, it is now too easy to retreat into a cosy echo chamber where there is universal agreement that we are right and all the other idiots in the world are wrong. But to do so squanders the opportunity to debate and refine our ideas.

Here you will find robustly left-wing commentary on current affairs. However, I enjoy hearing views from across the political spectrum and around the world.

I live in England (I would say the UK, but who knows how long the ‘U’ will apply?) and the rest of my spare time is spent on political activism and enjoying books and music.


8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thanks for the follow!

  3. I am so glad that you still boycott Kraft. I do too and have a number of long standing boycotts both economic and places I refuse to visit. Personally I would support a state buyout of Kraft, it was deplorable to sell off Cadbury to such an organisation who could themselves only finance it by using taxpayer funded RBS loans.

    Individuals have so much economic power if only they group together and refuse to give Kraft or Starbucks or many others their hard earned money.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks very much. I wasn’t aware of the RBS aspect of the takeover- it seems to me that a publicly owned bank should not be doing so much to undermine its owners! Anyway, withholding our custom is the only meaningful threat we can make to these businesses, so I’m pleased that you’re using that power too.

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