Sponsored Video: Monaco and humanitarian aid

Monaco might be a small nation of just 36,000 people, but it takes its responsibilities to the rest of the world, and in particular disadvantaged groups, very seriously. That’s why it supports over 100 development projects in 24 countries worldwide. 

These projects span several focuses and sectors, but all contribute to an international drive to implement sophisticated aid: it’s a matter of not only addressing needs where they are not met, but allowing communities and countries to develop greater self-sufficiency through training, investment and infrastructure development. In this way, the international community gives everyone the power to build themselves a better future; something which cannot be stolen or lost over time.

In times such as this, in which most of the world is enduring considerable economic stress, there is often pressure to scale back international aid and development projects. Fortunately, nations like Monaco serve as a reminder that, however vast the world may be, everybody has the ability to change it for the better. 

What is often forgotten by many of us is that healthcare provision is woefully poor for most people in the developing world. That is somewhere is which organisations and countries with the right expertise can help in so many ways. Train a doctor and that’s a new job created, hundreds of diseases and injuries treated (and lives saved), new medical industries developed…. and skills gifted that can be passed on to the next generation of medics! It’s this positive feedback which is why education is so often the dynamo behind international development.

Even without billions to spend, every country can play its part in building a better world for the future. Read more here.