Impeachment calls against Obama reveal the current sickness of Conservatism

The Secular Jurist

In addition to right-wing extremists such as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and others, now impeachment calls against President Obama are coming from normally more thoughtful Republicans like Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn (see:  Coburn: Obama a ‘friend,’ but his actions nearing grounds for impeachment).  Since no specific charges have been put forth by anyone, and no acts by the President even come close to the constitutional threshold of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” Americans are left wondering what the GOP is up to.  Are they just playing hardball politics, or have they lost their minds?

For the most part, these politicians understand there is no legal basis for impeaching President Obama.  It’s highly unlikely that the House of Representatives would attempt it.  However, they must be seen as in agreement with their rabid Tea Party base else face vehement retribution.  This is where the “crazy” is in the Republican Party.


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