History will deem Putin to have sabotaged and delayed Russia’s development into an open, equitable society that can achieve its full potential.

Putin will be called

– Yeltsin’s biggest blunder

– Defender of Kleptocracy

– Defender of dictatorial regimes that oppress and stifle their own people

Let’s consider each of these, in turn.

Yeltsin’s biggest blunder

A previous post noted that Russia is at present like a Centaur:   human above the  waist, all brute below.  A deranged Centaur, whose brutal part fears and hates its human part, and strives to keep it on a tight leash.

Putin has delayed by more than a decade the Centaur’s transformation into something fully human.

Thin-skinned and scared inside, Putin stifles Russia’s best citizens, its most conscientous and brave citizens, its only true patriots, blocking them from contributing to its improvement.
Not long ago his boot came down on the rock group

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