The Republicans would be well advised to adopt a more co-operative stance. This is not the mid-nineties: America wants to be governed by its President.

ePol Keeping It Real

You can usually spot the savvy politicians in Congress. They have a keen sense of the congressional landscape of the moment and they know which battles it is smart to fight. Like good poker players, they also know when it is a good idea for fold their hand and let the other side prevail. By that measure, the Congressional Republicans in the House and Senate clearly exhibit a clear absence of very many savvy politicians in  the 112th Congress. In fact, it appears that most Republicans learned little of nothing from the outcome of the 2012 election.

In the letter from Congressional Republicans  in the House, the very first sentence in the document characterized the outcome of the last election  as a status quo result. I’s sorry! What could possibly be wrong with this assessment? Well, for starters, at the national level, the Republicans lost the presidency. The party also…

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