The Tactical Green

Mere days are left for Green Party members to choose their new leader. If you haven't voted yet you really must get a move on.


But the choice Greens face is nuanced one. The leader has no explicit powers in the party. As such the role is what the winner makes it. Conference is sovereign in the Green Party so the various candidates bring with them more a choice of strategic directions than a raft of diverging policy proposals. The radicalism Greens hold dear is not up for debate, more how it is presented. The question is: do the Greens want to be a party of protest, or action?


Pippa Bartolotti's candidacy has been, well, memorable. She may cleave to the Cleggite phrase 'not left, not right, but forward' but I doubt there are many from the centre or right of politics that would recognise her as one…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging. The Green election has kept me ticking over this silly season

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