Dear reader: some thoughts on blogging

Dear readers, supporters, friends, comrades, etc.,

It has been one month since I first put hand to keyboard and launched The Political Idealist. I must say that I was sceptical about the progress that this blog would make and doubtful about my ability to construct a blog from scratch.

The only lesson that I have to draw from this is: go ahead and stop worrying! I’d like to think that The Political Idealist is developing well, with a fairly broad range of topics covered by myself and posts borrowed from fellow bloggers. And I’m clearly failing to bore people, having won over a good-sized readership (though I won’t quote tedious statistics at you) for a fledgling blog, at least.

A further thing that has pleasantly surprised me is the diversity of you readers: one-third of views of this blog are from outside the UK, half of these are from the United States and the rest span three continents and seven countries. UK current affairs must be more interesting than I thought. While this will always be a UK-centric blog, I hope to offer a bit more in future for the international reader.

The best thing that I’ve discovered whilst blogging, however, is the number of gems that there are in the blogosphere, politics-orientated or otherwise. The danger is the temptation to spend valuable time reading these rather than writing a new piece of wonderful, fascinating (and modest) commentary on the political situation. The two I suggest you look at first are Slapppshot and RedPosse, both non-political, but nevertheless brilliant. Also have a look at Think Left, Liz Mckinnell and Half Eaten Mind.

The Political Idealist seems to be working well so far. The only problem would be that it hasn’t wound up any right-wingers yet. Suggestions for how to achieve this would be welcome.

Many thanks,

“H G”